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Mould Inspections

with Cleaning & Decontamination Services

• Mould Assessments

• Mould & Air Quality Testing

• Abatement & Source Control Strategies

• Certified IICRC Technician in Water Damage Restoration &

• Professional Mould Removal Advice & Remediation Service

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Your Exposure to Mould In Water-Damaged Buildings - Learn more

Mould Assessments & Air Quality Testing 

Mould Sampling & Mould Removal Advice

  • Mould & Air Quality Testing

  • Detailed Mould Inspections 

  • Abatement & Source Control Strategies

  • Professional Mould Removal Advice

    In Accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation

  • mouldinspectionairqualitytesting

    Inspection Packages

    Vetting Services

    Pre-Purchase /Rental

    Hand us the addresses of your properties of interest & we’ll carry out an evaluation of discernible, potential issues to help you narrow your search. The perfect time & money saving approach before organising costly building & pest inspections, or being stuck with a potential health nightmare!



    Don’t want a full building inspection but need questions answered? This walk-through assessment will answer your questions about mould, mould removal and future preventative measures.

    A great option before you buy a new home!

    Full Building &

    Property Inspections

    This is a detailed full building & property assessment that highlights any discernible issues & provides recommendations on source control & abatement strategies for mould & poor air quality.

    An excellent option before you buy a new home!

    Cleaning & Decontamination Services

    Mould Remediation


    For a complete approach to mould removal in accordance with ANSI /IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation.

    This service should be preceded with a thorough mould assessment to ascertain the full scope of works required.

    Detailed Spring


    We approach spring cleaning seriously, by incorporating the same protocols used during mould remediation, so you end up with the cleanest, allergy friendly environment possible!

    We follow this procedure for hoarders cleans also.



    The best professional carpet cleaning. For end of tenancy carpet cleaning, domestic or commercial carpet cleaning.

    Fast drying encapsulation, a deep flush, or a combination of them both for the best clean possible.



    Portable & professional furniture cleaning for commercial & domestic premises.

    Mattress Cleaning

    & Sanitising

    Our professional mattress cleaning & sanitizing uses non-toxic mattress stain and odour removal techniques, to leave you with a healthy, hygienic, allergy friendly mattress.

    Stain & Odour


    Treating an odour is not as simple as just spraying a chemical around. You must get to the source!

    And stain removal can be tricky & toxic. Our focus is to try the least toxic methods first, so you are left with a healthy, hygienic allergy friendly environment.

    Healthy Home Apps

    Your Personal Building Biologist

  • Find a healthy home

    before you buy or rent 

  • Fun, easy interactive images  

  • Clear easy to follow guidance   

  • Where to look, How to look & What to look for 

  • Case studies 

  • • Mould & Air quality

    • EMR /EMF concerns

    • Personal & Household products

    • Building design & Material choices

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    Inspection Services

    Inspection Packages

    Cleaning & Decontamination Services