What you don’t see can hurt you. The first step to not being the guinea pig is to become aware of your environment

EMF & EMR Assessments

There is a growing awareness throughout the general public in regards to exposure to EMF and EMR alike. People are fighting against the constant bombardment of the encroaching industries that ironically provide us the conveniences that we’ve grown accustom to.

Mobile phone towers, public WiFi, smart meter installations, most of us live in a sea of radio frequency radiation every day and never question the ringing in our ears, the persistent headache, fatigue, mood changes or bad sleep.

EHS (Electronic Hyper Sensitivities) is a recognized illness in some countries and the extremely broad range of symptoms that can be experienced by excessive exposure to subjects, may be heavily misdiagnosed and miss treated without an analysis of the environment where you spend significant amounts of time.

By mapping the different parameters of magnetic fields, radio frequencies, electrical fields and dirty electricity in an areas where you rejuvenate or work, can be the first step in ensuring your safety from these exposures.

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