Living in a place of harmony will bring you that certain, peace of mind and serenity in your living environment


This is a more ethereal field of assessment, where background radiation from the Earth and other forms of “energy” within a building and its surrounds are assessed and remedied to create a more energetically harmonious environment. (i.e. negative psychic impressions, geomagnetic lines, water courses, ley lines, nexus points, etc.)

With the use of dowsing rods, the geomancer is able to determine areas of geopathic stress and its strength. The art of dowsing has been used for hundreds of years to indicate and answer questions about a particular site and its “energetic” behavior.

Plenty of research has been established over the decades, which has linked areas of geopathic stress to disharmonies and illnesses experienced by people and animals who reside in them.

Geopathic stress has been linked to experiences and effects on our emotional and physical body, such as insomnia, depression, fatigue, nightmares and cold & spooky feelings in certain locations.

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