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Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Not all dust is just dust!

Studies on common house dust have revealed a plethora of toxins that render common house dust as more toxic then the dust on the open street.

Common house dust settles into carpets, soft furnishings, ceiling and wall cavities, over the age of the building and can contain a concoction of elements that could have already been banned decades ago!

Pollutants such as, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, mould spores, pollens and other allergens, along with bacteria and fecal matter from pets, pests, rodents and insects.

From ceiling spaces and wall cavities, carpets and soft furnishings, this fine dust can become airborne and expose you to the choking cocktail of pollutants.

Our service will decontaminate your building of mould, toxic dust and allergens in any section of the building where access can be safely granted, including roof cavities, subfloor crawl spaces, wall cavities, hard surfaces, carpets, mattresses and furnishings.

The full scope of services include; toxic dust removal, mould and microbial remediation, (asbestos removal coming soon), odour removal and a professional cleaning and sanitizing service of carpets, mattresses, and upholstery. We can also help in situations of flood damage and (structural drying coming soon).

Wherever access can be granted and accessed safely, you can be sure that it will be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated to ensure you are left with a healthy home or business premises.

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