The environment where you spend significant amounts of time, is as important to your health as what you eat…

Building Inspection Packages

It is said that when you purchase a home, it comes with warts and all.

The usual inspection we get when buying a home exposes little more then compliance to building codes and local regulations.

But what about everything you are not told about?

What if the building was full of mould, with deteriorating building integrity, air quality, water quality, or worse?

Our pre-purchase | pre-lease building inspections for domestic homes and commercial buildings, are designed to expose the potential health hazards before you invest.

Ultimately saving you time, money and possible health issues.

Get a building health inspection to give you peace of mind before you invest in and occupy a building.

Reduce the risk of your investment for your prosperity, health and wellbeing.

These consultations are very cost effective and essential before any major transactions are made on where you choose to live or work.

Check out our building health inspection packages below and indicate which services interest you when you apply for a service.

Combine your packages

Money saving options are available when you combine inspection packages.

Costs will vary due to different sizes and complexities of buildings and some inspections may require additional analysis materials and test equipment.

Pre Purchase / Lease Building Inspections

Basic Inspection

Detailed Inspection

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Mould Assessments

Basic Inspection

Detailed Inspection


Air Quality Analysis & Testing

Basic Inspection


Detailed Inspection


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Water Quality Analysis, Testing & Filter Recommendations

Electromagnetic Field Testing (EMF) & Electromagnetic Radiation Testing (EMR)

Geomancy Assessments

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  • I'd been curious to have our home assessed by a building biologist, and I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and have it done. I'd been suffering from a chronic sinus infection for many months, and my daughter had a persistent cough from the week we moved into our house. Although the house was kept very clean (with all natural products), we always suspected that it could be the cause of us being unwell. Rhys was so helpful in pinpointing the issues around our house that could be contributing to my chronic illness. After a thorough inspection (including crawling around under the house!), and a long chat about the various things we could do to improve the space; Rhys prepared a detailed report, and even helped us to source a new air purifier. We implemented Rhys's ideas, and immediately saw an improvement in our health, as well as the general feel of our house. It's been a real learning experience to see how even a house that looks clean can be holding so many nasties.

    Sarah, Byron Bay

  • I recently purchased an old home in Mullumbimby, a wet, mouldy region in Northern NSW. My first call was to Rhys from Conscious Environments to inspect the home for traces of mould and to check the airflow before I even considered making an offer on the home. His company’s expertise in this area is excellent and his inspection gave me the peace of mind for the health of our family moving into the home that was a welcomed relief. Rhys was extremely responsive and flexible with inspection times and his friendly approach helps make the daunting prospect of buying a home a little easier. Thanks Rhys for all your help.

    Lainie & Craig Anderson

    Ocean Shores, NSW
  • Before we purchased our new home, we wanted to ensure that we wouldn’t be living in an environment that was going to be detrimental to our young family’s health. So a Building Health Inspection was a top priority for us. Rhys Brenton was referred to us as a Building Biologist we could trust. His thorough assessment of the building highlighting everything we needed to know, including areas of the house that needed attention. In particular there were some mould issues we were able to address through his recommendations and all the issues have now been solved. It has given us great peace of mind knowing that our house has been assessed by a competent professional. I would recommend his services to anyone.

    Rob and Duska

    The Pocket
  • Rhys was such a pleasure to deal with. Easy going, friendly, incredibly accommodating and flexible. He definitely knows his stuff and was happy to answer any questions we had, both at the property and afterwards. He was extremely thorough and took the time to talk us through his findings. Such a small price to pay for peace of mind! Highly recommended.

    Bron Milne

    South Golden Beach
  • Moving to the Northern Rivers was a new experience for my family and although it's like paradise living here, the mould can be an issue. Our rental home soon became very mouldy, leading to health issues I had never experienced before and that was costing me money to treat, let alone the impact on my life. Rhys's expertise was referred to us by Mullumbimby Herbals and he was our savior. His company was able to treat our walls and flooring with a non toxic solution that kept the mould at bay and enabled us to continue living in the home until we could find somewhere else to move. We are very thankful for the well priced service he offered, along with his very friendly nature and expertise. I would highly recommend his company.

    Lainie Anderson